"And I said softly to my body. "I want to be your friend." It took a long breath and replied, "I have been waiting my whole life for this."


The Journey of a Healing Artist...

  • Started Meditation & Yoga in 1999

  • Became an Integral Hatha Yoga Teacher in 2003

  • Taught Hatha Yoga in Pennsylvania 2003-2010

  • Lived at Yogaville 2010-2014

  • Intermediate TT 2013

  • Started teaching Yoga of Recovery 2011

  • Trained with Jyothi Wattanabe in Lotus Palm Thai Yoga Massage in 2011

  • Studied Healing with the Chakras with Nischala Joy Devi in 2012

  • Became a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist in 2016

  • Certified through the International Association of Yoga Therapy in 2016

  • Japa Meditation TT Wise Earth School of Ayurveda with Linda Sarita Rocco

  • Studied and certified to teach Raja Yoga and the Yoga Sutras of Patajali with Swami Karunananda and Swami Priyananda in 2018

  • Vagus Nerve, Craniosacral and touch skills with Janet Evergreen in 2017-2020

  • Pre and Perinatal Psychology/Attachment Issues 

  • Past Life Regression Therapy 2020 in Mysore India

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Past Life Regression Therapy

...is a form of mild hypnosis that taps into the subconcious patterns of thinking to unlock blockages to personal growth. The yogic teaching of karma and dharma are addressed here on an emotional level. By tapping into the unconcious/subconcious parts of ourselves we can make changes that are not possible by rational thinking. Karma brings the idea that we come into this life with specific lessons we are meant to learn in this lifetime for our soul to evolve. PLRT creates a safe space to see these lessons clearly and observe how they show up in our daily lives in our physical experience of the lesson(s) and what gifts and support are naturally here to help us. Profound and surprising this work is empowering and the client is in control throughout the session. This work is broken up into three sessions: intake, the regression itself  and follow-up and dream check in a day or two later.

Thai Restorative Bodywork

...is a synthesis of Thai massage, Restorative yoga, and Yoga Therapy with somatic practices to find the bodies innate health. Chitra's approach to this ancient art is unique with a sensitivity to the healing power of body awareness and presence. Some sessions may focus more on body mechanics and healing areas of pain or tightness. Others may take a more spiritual or emotional path making space for what needs to move through for healing. Releasing the body's emotional holding patterns. 

Yoga Therapy

...is an ever evolving and ancient yet entirely new modality. The research by people like Bessel Van Der Kolk and Porges and Siegel have paved the way for a new understanding of the relationship between mind and body. Yet this understanding is nothing new to the Yogi's who have passed the teachings of yoga down to us for the past 5000 some years. As a yoga therapist I am here to help those who find themselves what I call "neck up." Living life from the minds confusing and endless categorizing and thinking, thinking, thinking...

But presence lies in our body and our breath. 

Finding presence opens us up to our next step, our new awareness, our epiphanies and compassions. 

A session may involve bodywork, meditation, and slow movement but each session is different depending on the individual. 

Time may also focus on recovery and lifestyle support from a yogic and Ayurvedic wholistic perspective.

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Chitra Kate McDevitt
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